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Information for Undergraduate Students

First-Year Students


The matriculation date for incoming First-Year students will be Wednesday, January 20, 2021. If you have significant health or safety concerns related to starting in January, please contact Student Support Services at 401-863-3145 or [email protected] to be connected with a dean who can work with you to formulate a plan.

Received AP and IB scores became available for viewing in ASK>Student Petitions>AP/IB/Placement during Summer 2020.

Most placement exams will be administered during Orientation in January for all incoming First-Year students. You will also be able to discuss your preparation for specific courses with your academic advisor, your Meiklejohn peer advisor, and academic advising deans.


Your academic advisor and Meiklejohn Peer Advisor were assigned before the start of the Fall Semester. Your academic advisor will remain with you until you declare a concentration, which will be towards the end of your fourth semester.

You will meet with your academic advisor during Orientation's designated advising hours, which will take place on January 14.

It is important to think of your academic advisor and Meiklejohn Peer Advisor as your first advisors at Brown, and neither person needs to be in your area of potential focus. Advising in the first two years is about building relationships that will help you to make informed academic decisions. You will continue to expand your advising network throughout your time at Brown with professors from your classes, peers and staff from your co-curricular activities, jobs and other opportunities.

You will not be required to declare a concentration until the end of your 4th semester at Brown. If you want to explore Brown’s many concentrations, the best place to start is the Focal Point website, which provides essential information about each concentration’s learning goals and links to official program requirements.

Courses & Enrollment

You will be able to discuss your course selection with your academic advisor and Meiklejohn prior to the start of classes.

Some courses at Brown are offered mandatory Satisfactory/No Credit (S/NC). If your course is not a mandatory S/NC course, you can elect to take the course either for a standard grade (A/B/C/NC) or S/NC. We encourage you to discuss your choice with your academic advisor and Meiklejohn peer advisor. Brown does not calculate a GPA for undergraduate students.

First-Year students on financial aid will be supported through the University’s Book and Course Material Support pilot program.You will receive more information about this process in January via email.

Most courses will require a computer and broadband internet access. For information about books and other course materials, you should consult the course syllabus, available prior to the start of the semester in [email protected].

At Brown, students may drop courses until the day before final exams begin in a given term. This date is noted on the Registrar's official Academic Calendar. If you elect to drop your class, you will need to contact an academic advising dean, who can assist you with next steps, by emailing [email protected]. Courses that are dropped or not completed do not appear on external transcripts.

If you elected to take a course remotely in Fall 2020, its successful completion counts toward your 30 course credits required for graduation, but does not count toward the 32 required enrollment units.

Orientation & Arrival

Yes, there are a number of pre-orientation programs. However, the timing and delivery of these programs is likely to shift. Many programs have shifted to become either remote programs held in late fall or hybrid (in-person/remote) programs held immediately before first-year orientation in January.

Incoming First-Year students will be assigned a move-in date from January 8-12. Please check your Brown email account for additional details about your arrival on campus.

Orientation for incoming First-Year students will take place in January 2021, prior to the start of the spring term. 

New First-Year students were asked to complete the Spring 2021 Location of Study Form in October 2020.