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Information for Undergraduate Students

Daily Life

Testing is widely available in Ireland, and not currently required after arrival except in cases of those who are symptomatic or close contacts. In those cases, PCR tests are available for free by booking online or calling a doctor. Home Antigen COVID-19 test kits are widely available and inexpensive. Testing for return travel, where required, is not free and can range from 50 to 90 Euro for official Antigen travel tests and 100 to 140 Euro for PCR tests. 

If you are travelling to Ireland from overseas, you must fill out a Passenger Location Form (PLF) before departure. Passengers to Ireland with an accepted proof of vaccination, or proof of recovery from COVID-19 in the prior 6 months, do not have to show an additional pre-departure COVID-19 test result. Currently there are no other quarantine or testing requirements in place for travellers to Ireland. All policies and details are outlined here.


Most public transport timetables have returned to normal, but masking is still currently required. More details are available in the government's recent public health update announcement.

Most shops and businesses remain open with minimal impact to regular business hours. Masks remain required at many businesses.More details are available in the government's recent public health update announcement.

Arrival Procedures

All up to date advice on travel to Ireland can be found at: 

Housing & Dining

Homestays are not offered at the CASA Trinity Programme. The Programme Director will be in touch with applicants about housing options after the relevant application deadline.

This policy varies depending on your housing location. Check in with your housing location directly to find all relevant policies on guests.

Academic Policies & Campus Protocols

Students are required to attend all relevant in-person sessions of their classes. If students have a medical condition as classified by the HSE very high or high-risk categories, they can discuss whether an online format of your classes can be arranged with the Senior Tutor at Trinity. For some students, it may not be possible to study or complete classes online. 

If students need regular academic accommodations, the Disability Office at Trinity can work 1:1 with students to find ways to accommodate individual student needs.

More information available here.

There is no required ongoing testing to be on campus. More information available here.

In Semester 2, 2021-2022, courses at Trinity are mostly taught in-person, with some elements offered online depending on the class and area of study. The exact percentage of in-person to online depends on the class and on the area of study. More information available here.

It is important to note that over 90% of the Irish population is now vaccinated, and masking and distancing is taken seriously in Ireland. As much in person activity as possible is currently taking place at the university both inside and out of the classroom, with many clubs and societies also meeting in person. More information available here.

All COVID protocols and guidelines for the Trinity community are available at 

Health & Safety On Site

All COVID-19-related policies for Trinity are available at  

All COVID-19-related policies for Ireland are available at: