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Information for Undergraduate Students

Daily Life

Currently, the Spanish government regulations require mask-wearing in all public spaces both indoor and outdoor. Effective June 26th, masks will no longer be required in outdoor spaces.

Not currently. However, if there are positive cases in a classroom or in program housing, the Spanish health authorities will coordinate required testing for all affected individuals.

Yes. The frequency of both buses and trains has increased; both mask wearing and social distancing requirements are in place.

Currently, social venues such as nightclubs and late night bars or restaurants are subject to some restrictions. No other businesses are significantly affected at this time.

Arrival Procedures

At this time, fully vaccinated individuals are not subject to quarantine; students should be prepared to furnish proof of full vaccination.

Currently, local health services monitor quarantine with check ins by phone; for CASA Barcelona students, the housing staff will also be monitoring compliance with quarantine requirements.

Residence hall staff will provide meal delivery to each students' room during quarantine.

None. During quarantine, students will not be permitted to leave their housing with the exception of medical appointments.

Housing & Dining

CASA Barcelona students will be housed in a student residence. Homestays will not be offered for Fall 2021.

Not during quarantine, however, hosting guests will be permitted in line with residence hall policies at an additional cost. Due to changing regulations, students should verify policies and procedures before making any plans to host any guests at the residence hall.

Academic Policies & Campus Protocols

Yes. During the Fall 2021 semester, classes will be offered in-person. Absences will be accepted in the case of quarantine or should a student be ill. In such a case, professors will provide alternative teaching and evaluation procedures to affected students.

At this time, fully vaccinated students are not required to be tested.

This Fall, all courses will be offered in-person at our local partner university campuses.

Our partner universities plan to resume normal activity in September. Sanitizing stations will be offered and social distancing policies enforced when required.

All Universities will follow the National Government Health Protocols outlined at

Health & Safety On Site

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