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Information for Undergraduate Students

Students seeking to enroll in Summer 2021 courses should read this FAQ thoroughly for information about enrollment eligibility, policies, and processes.

Summer Enrollment Eligibility

  • First-time, first-year students who matriculated Spring 2021 will be automatically enrolled full-time.
  • Students who returned from a leave in Spring 2021 and who wish to enroll in the summer as their second full-time semester for this academic year must verify their summer enrollment in UFunds by March 1 at 5:00pm EST. (Recent leave returners will receive a separate email message with a link to the enrollment confirmation form.)
  • Students currently on leave who submitted a return from leave request in ASK for Summer 2021 as their first or second full-time semester for this academic year will receive return request approvals the week of February 15-19.
  • Students who were enrolled full-time in both the fall and spring semesters may petition (described below) in ASK to potentially enroll in 1, 2, or more courses by exception. Petitions must be submitted by 5:00pm EST on March 1, 2021.

Seniors expected to graduate in May 2021 who unexpectedly need 1-2 course credits to complete degree requirements at the end of term may be considered after this deadline for an exception to extend their enrollment into Summer 2021 in order to complete remaining degree requirements. Please seek an appointment with one of the Degree Completion Deans: Bhattacharyya, Cohen, Garcia, J. Lee, or Rome.

Enrollment Policies

All students must complete all degree requirements (including earning 30 course credits and 32 enrollment units) in order to graduate. Students with fewer than 32 enrollment units enrolled full-time in Summer 2021 will earn 4 enrollment units; students who already have 32 enrollment units, as well as students who were enrolled in both the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 terms and whose petitions are approved to take one or two courses, will earn enrollment units based on the number of courses they take. 

All students are strongly encouraged to discuss their academic plans with an academic dean (see deans’ advising calendar) before petitioning for an exception to enroll in a third term this summer. Careful planning is absolutely necessary. This is especially important if summer will not be your final term, or if you will not complete all degree requirements by the end of the summer term. The number of courses you take in Summer 2021 may affect your enrollment options and tuition charges in your final term.

If you have specific questions about academic planning, please feel free to select an appointment slot from this calendar to speak with an academic advising dean about your circumstances. Although all deans can discuss your situation, seniors should seek an appointment with one of the Degree Completion Deans: Bhattacharyya, Cohen, Garcia, J. Lee, and Rome.

You may petition to take 1-5 courses, however, most exceptions for third-term summer enrollment will be limited to 1-2 courses. 

All students planning to enroll in Summer 2021 as a first or second term (students who were not enrolled/on leave in Fall 2020 and/or Spring 2021) must be enrolled as full-time students for between three and five courses. Please note that tuition for Summer 2021 will be assessed at the standard 2020-21 rates. Aided students should review the additional information available on the Office of Financial Aid website.

Approval to take more than 2 courses in summer as a third term will be limited primarily to students for whom this would be their final term, i.e. who could complete degree requirements by enrolling full-time in more than 2 courses (i.e. 3-5 courses).

Given the current public health situation and information available at this time, we are not yet able to confirm on-campus space availability and anticipate that all students who enroll for a second term in the Summer 2021 will receive priority consideration to live on-campus. Students approved for a third term will be able to enroll remotely outside of the Providence area and should be prepared to do so.  

To ensure highest priority for the location of study of your choice, please be sure to read your Brown email regularly and respond to all requests for information by stated deadlines. Failure to submit your Summer 2021 Location of Study Form in a timely fashion will limit your ability to study in the Providence area.


Petition Process

To apply to enroll for a third term of enrollment in Summer 2021, please log onto the ASK Student Petitions portal (or navigate to Student Petitions > CAS: Petitions > My Petitions), click the “New Petition” button and create a petition for a “3rd term exception to enroll in Summer 2021” by the deadlines below. The University will review petitions weekly after the deadline, and will email all students after decisions have been finalized regarding enrollments for the Summer term.

The deadline to request enrollment in Summer 2021 as a 3rd term is Monday, March 1 at 5:00 PM Eastern Time. It is important to observe this deadline to ensure full consideration of your petition. Students who need to enroll in Summer 2021 to complete degree requirements in a timely manner will receive priority consideration. 

Your petition will need to include:

  • A brief description of your reasons for seeking the petition (1 paragraph)
  • A course plan for the semester (specify intended courses, currently visible in [email protected])
  • If Summer 2021 would be your last term at Brown you should consult with your concentration advisor about any concentration requirements you must complete at Brown before you decide to apply for enrollment in the summer term to ensure you can complete requirements.

You will be notified of your petition decision by Monday, March 15, 2021.

Seniors will receive priority for approval, as will students who have experienced significant setbacks due to extenuating health, medical, and/or personal circumstances that have delayed their date of completion. All other students will be considered on a space-available basis.

Tuition, Billing, & Financial Aid

Since Summer 2021 is a regular term during the 2020-21 academic year, tuition for Summer 2021 will be assessed at the standard 2020-21 rates. Aided students should review the additional information available on the Office of Financial Aid website.

No. Students enrolling in Summer 2021 as a third term by exception for one or two courses (i.e., less than full-time) will be charged at 1/4 of the standard term rate per course. This is equal to a charge of $7,406.75 per course for Summer 2021.  All enrolled students are charged the Health Services Fee of $489. For more information, please visit the Student Financial Services website or contact [email protected].

If your petition is approved to enroll in Summer 2021 courses as part of a third term, you may qualify for University Scholarship. You must have applied and completed your application for financial aid for the 2020-2021 academic year and be eligible for University Scholarship.  The amount of the scholarship will depend on the demonstrated financial need as calculated by the Office of Financial Aid (and depends on availability of funds) for the 2020-21 aid year. Please be aware that funding is limited and, in most cases, Brown will not be able to meet 100% of your demonstrated financial need for this third term.  Students with the highest demonstrated financial need will likely qualify for scholarship assistance for food/meal expenses in addition to tuition.  If you are approved by the University to reside on campus and you receive University scholarship, you may be eligible for support to cover some or all of the housing costs according to your demonstrated financial need. Loan funding may also be available to students to cover expenses that are not covered by scholarship (deadlines apply).  Please review the additional information available on the Office of Financial Aid website.

Yes, if you are a student receiving University Scholarship who is supported by the BCMS program during the academic year, you will continue to receive support for your courses during the Summer 2021 term. If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].